Made in Italy

Why should I choose a Made in Italy product?

Structural certifications

Most of our products are CATAS certified in compliance with the latest UNI standards for safety, stability and durability.

You can download the certifications here: product certifications

Environmental certifications

The panels we use for our furniture have the FSC and PEFC environmental certifications, as well as the E1 certification for low formaldehyde emissions.

Our chairs can be made in fireproof fabrics with Class 1 Fire Retardant Certification. Moreover, many of our chairs have been certified as class 1IM by the Italian Ministry of Interior.

The design

Our products are designed by our own R&D and Design Departments, where 3 designers create new product lines and one designer is completely dedicated to custom-made furniture.

The design of our office furniture represents an Italian excellence not only for the aesthetics of the products and projects, but also for the technical aspects of our top quality state-of-the-art structural elements. 

The price

We usually think that Made in Italy means more expensive.

This is not the case. If we consider two products with the same technical characteristics, Italian products have the same price (or even lower) compared to their foreign counterparts.

This is possible because the Italian furniture and design industry features state-of-the-art production techniques, in particular for wooden products. During the years, these techniques have evolved to guarantee a lower price for the final customer.

A continuity of production and a guaranteed availability of components

Centrufficio Loreto gives you a continuity guarantee for many of its pieces of furniture: in 10 years you will be able to integrate your office with the same products you buy today.

Moreover, if you need to replace a component you can do it very quickly, unlike the components of imported products that may take months to arrive – if they are available at all.


All the items designed and produced by Centrufficio Loreto s.p.a. are Made in Italy: the raw materials are bought and transformed in our facilities in Italy.

The products you can buy on are 95% Made in Italy.

Some of our office and executive chairs are imported; for further information please contact